Improved Efficiencies within an Organization's Hiring and Recruiting Life-Cycle

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The HR Policy Association is the leading public policy association for chief employee managers in the U.S. and worldwide. The association brings together these leaders not just to discuss ways to improve human resources practices and policies, but also to develop a vision for successful HR strategies and pursue initiatives that foster employment growth, job security, and competitively. To use the combined strength of membership as a positive influence in improving public policies, increase returns on human capital, and promote the profession of human resources, senior business leaders are a part of the association. HR Policy has been created under the Internal Revenue Code (501(c)(6)), a non-profit organization. Talent and workforce development, health care, executive compensation, employment and work relations, salary and hour issues, employment policy, immigration, and pensions security are key areas of practice.

For over four decades, the HR Policy Associations have been operating to address the turbulent labor and civil rights issues at the time. HR Policy Association joined forces in 1968. It continues to address the new problems and emerging questions such as healthcare reform affecting senior managers and has remained the leading CHRO political organization. Over 360 large and influential companies comprise the HR Policy Association. Their members collectively employ more than 20 million people worldwide and have over $7.5 billion market capitalization. More than nine percent of US private sector workforces are employed in the United States by association members.

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HR Policy Association announced the launch of its Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) to better understand new hiring and recruiting software solutions intended to improve efficiencies within an organization's hiring and recruiting life-cycle. The RSI review board was created in early 2018 by talent acquisition leaders from nearly 20 HR Policy members. Over 100 solution providers have been identified by the review board in the spring and summer to participate in a rigorous information request and evaluation process. The members of the HR Policy Association can now access an integrated RSI database via RSI. Database with extensive information on each RSI evaluation provider includes candid feedback from the talent acquisition experts who make up the review board.

Hundreds of organizations represent different segments of the function of human resources. The HR Policy Association is distinct because it concentrates mainly on the concerns of the senior HR manager in Fortune 500 companies, and it is the heads of human resources that shape and give priority to the activities and agenda of the association.

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