Heading into 2019 with DevOps Application

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

A willingness to adopt change and the ability to do speaks a lot about an organization. The flexibility is something demanded by the market and rewarded as well, the speed of responsiveness from the providers becomes the big differentiator between a company and its competitor. DevOps has evolved big time and has proved that it is not just a buzzword and is worth the hype. Below mentioned are six goals that will shape the future of DevOps.

• Paying debts should be a priority

Majority of companies hire new employees to cope up with the technical debt, but they fail to realize that this will add more burden to their organization. Instead, organizations must dedicate a portion of their workforce to eliminate the technical debts that are fuelling the operational fires.

• Goals and Objectives

Set goals and objectives but let the little information to be developed in short intervals. Employers must set ambitious goals and objectives, but they must be careful not over to prescribe the details. Organizations must plan to monitor their work every two to four weeks, instead of focusing on a six-month project plan.

• Go with the flow

Though DevOps is a quickly moving product, organizations usually wait for the right time and then jump headlong into DevOps, creating a lot of disruption at once which is not healthy for any organization. One has to go with the flow but identify work streams that are ripe for improvement and start moving one new benefit from conception to production.

• Neutralize Credit Hawks

The critical aspects of DevOps are sharing everything- knowledge, work, credit, and blame. ‘Credit Hawk’ is someone who wants to jump in front of the work which is already done and claim that he managed it. This kind of work environment leaves the DevOps teams with the blame, and this is unhealthy; hence it becomes essential to neutralize these hawks.

• Plan for both failure and success

Planning for failure doesn’t imply that one has to expect the failure. This will help in understanding the lessons, and incorporate the feedback cycle to increase the likelihood of success.

• Break the rules

If the motive is to succeed, then breaking the conventional rules is no harm. The objective should be to find more productive ways to get the product to the market and create a safe and advanced system of work. What has worked for the last decades may not work today and therefore shouldn’t hold one back.

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