Finding Prospective Candidate Becomes Easier with COMPAS's Latest Talent Search Engine

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: COMPAS Technology, an enterprise cloud-based ATS/CRM platform, has launched a new Talent Search engine. The latest offering makes customers self-reliant by reducing the dependence on external sites. COMPAS’ single page design allows users to put into use their existing candidate pool to quickly source talent. The search engine is highly configurable, offers bulk activities and works effortlessly with COMPAS’ Talent CRM to help one manage candidate engagement.

Inadequate search functionality provided by the ATS and Talent Management platforms of the past led recruiters to begin their search on external sites for open positions. The new search engine was designed to allow users to choose from a wide array of customized criteria such as education, work history, skills, and previous communications to narrow down their talent.

 “Many customers own hundreds of thousands of candidate profiles. Our new search engine allows companies to properly leverage candidate information already at their fingertips, decreasing external recruiting costs and reducing the time it takes to fills positions. Today, candidate data is easy to collect but legacy recruiting platforms make it difficult to unlock its true value to a recruiting organization. Our New Talent Search engine puts the power of their existing data back into the hands of our users.” says Brian Vesce, Founder & CEO, COMPAS.

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