Field Nation's New Innovation to Simplify Workforce Management

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Field Nation has announced the launch of Field Nation ONE, a single and sophisticated platform for multiple purposes, ranging from onboarding talent to managing an existing workforce. As the need for maintaining a diversified set of employees or looking for a competent workforce is growing, proper management with concerted efforts and useful strategies is quintessential. The all-new innovative platform by Field Nation seems to cater to these needs.

Field Nation's innovation has many essential benefits for businesses that can help them maximize their potential through key management strategies as well as cost savings. Organizing workers is bound to get simpler as Field Nation ONE provides users with the option to group workers based on different criteria. This grouping will further help detect and fill coverage gaps. Not just that, Field Nation ONE is also equipped to help businesses expand their employee base by hiring workers from various markets.  The option to manage multiple projects is also available on it. The well-structured platform is enabled to help users monitor, manage, and optimize projects from the beginning to the end. The presence of an integrated system lends it a very streamlined way of functioning. At every step, including planning the project, assignment of work to the proper worker, analyzing the results, the system proves its efficacy. The provision of managing projects real-time through an app, apart from distributing electronic payments, provide a significant advantage as well. Employers that have to deal with W-2 employees have the option of creating schedules and conducting background checks on the workers through Field Nation ONE.

Field Nation is a market leader in the freelance marketing solutions segment. It functions to help organizations gain efficiency in functioning by simplifying everyday tasks like workforce management and project management. By bringing together businesses and service providers, it acts as a mediator and creates vital and useful links. It understands the requirements of the companies and helps bridge gaps between the various stakeholders. It serves as an array of industries that include telecom, fiber optic cabling, audio-visual, networking, servers, point of sale, and many more.

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