Exclugo Combines the Best of Background Screening and Technology

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 30, 2021

New Automated Exclusion Monitoring Service from ApplicantSafe Goes Live

NYC, New York - Applicant Safe, the smarter, more approachable solution to background screening is pleased to throw back the curtain on Exclugo; their real-time, continuous sanction and exclusion checking service for third-party vendors, contractors, business associates, medical staff, and employees.

“We are exceedingly proud to launch Exclugo,” said Michael Wenger, President & CEO of ApplicantSafe. “By using Exclugo software to automate monthly exclusion checks healthcare organizations can effectively mitigate the risk of doing business with an ‘excluded provider or vendor’ and be confident that they are receiving accurate and professional results with each search. Exclugo works in concert with background checks done during the hiring process and with its powerful automation and real-time results gives our clients confidence that they are not only saving time but also not going to make a costly mistake in who they hire and/or do business with.”

Exclugo is a proprietary product of ApplicantSafe, a benchmark background screening company with 20+ years of operation. ApplicantSafe has always been on the forefront of innovation while providing superior customer service for clients. Exclugo is the next evolution in ApplicantSafe’s continued focus on providing a smarter, more approachable suite of screening products to business owners, HR professionals, landlords & leasing agents.

“Customer service and technology have always been our focus,” adds Wenger. It’s our key belief that technology that cand and will eliminate manual labor, while increasing accuracy, is a key component to an overall positive client experience. Everything we do at ApplicantSafe, and now with Exclugo, is designed to make people’s lives better and easier.”

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