Employee Education and Well-Being Reinvented with WellRight's New Learning Labs

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

Chicago, IL - Today WellRight announced an expansion of its comprehensive wellness program with the introduction of Learning Labs , programming designed to foster healthy habit formation in an entirely new way. Taught by renowned thought leaders through video content, assessments, practice activities, tracking, reporting, and gamification, WellRight’s carefully curated Learning Labs are designed to change employee behavior and increase employee engagement like never before.

Learning Labs are presented by industry subject matter experts and cover topics such as, “Work Happier Now”, "Remote Leadership" and “Your Money Matters." These experts strategically designed 4-8 week curriculums—including the educational video content and specific habit-based assignments—to drive focused learning and positive behavior change. By providing these unique learning opportunities, organizations can amplify their wellness program in a new, practical, convenient, and integrated way.

“The power in Learning Labs lies in its ability to offer practice activities and progress tracking after the lesson,” explains WellRight’s president and CEO, Tad Mitchell. “By exploring new ideas and putting them into practice immediately, employees develop the capacity to apply what they learn in a truly impactful way.” Features of WellRight Learning Labs include:

● Comprehensive programming covering the six dimensions of well-being: emotional, financial, social, occupational, physical, and purpose in 4-8 week programs.

● Enablement of positive behavior change through specifically-designed learning activities and challenges within the WellRight wellness platform.

● Easily accessible online lessons and activity tracking anytime and anywhere–on a desktop or through the mobile app.

● Tracking through built-in eLearning authoring tools and assessments.

● Gamification with rewards to increase motivation and engagement.

● Reporting to monitor overall progress and participation.

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