CloudPay Control 2.0 Drives Deeper Insights and High Performance

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

RALEIGH, NC: CloudPay, the cloud-based platform for payroll and payments enhances the functionality of its advanced solution, CloudPay Control to version 2.0. It solves the complexities associated with global payroll processing; encloses interactions between various people and processes; and provides insight into key metrics driving continuous performance and efficiencies.

CloudPay has offered service for many multi-national companies, simplifying the multi-country payroll workflow on a single cloud-based platform. All global, country and customer-specific workflow are integrated under one platform, while delivering key payroll performance data to customers on every step of the payroll process, for every country, each month.

As the payroll needs of customers evolve, CloudPay offers new features to fulfill their needs in a dynamic landscape and enhanced capabilities. The version 2.0 largely delivers enhancements to payroll processes to obtain greater control over global payroll.

"CloudPay is the only company offering a true integrated cloud-based global payroll platform, and with the launch of CloudPay Control 2.0, we can provide our clients with new capabilities unavailable from any other provider in the space," states Andrew Pearson, CEO of CloudPay.

Unique features of this release include:

CloudPay Control Tasks: Complex payroll checklists are designed by users which gives them greater insight into the process. It is handled on time by appropriate resources.

Post-approval Performance: Any post-approval issue identified or reported like issues in payments, payslips and general ledger files, matters for performance rating capabilities.

Calendar Events Performance: CloudPay Control 2.0 includes key global events, in addition to the standard data on each run. Each step that should occur during payroll delivery and the responsible resource for completing the task is displayed, providing insight on where delay occurred and where time is recovered.

Monthly Payroll Performance Metrics: Detailed monthly payroll performance metrics reports are sent to customers every month with high level insight to track areas of improvement.

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