Citrix Performance Management Survey Identifies Challenges and Ideal Practices

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

ISELIN, NJ: eG Innovations application performance monitoring solutions for virtualized IT environments and the online Citrix and IT community site named DABCC releases the results of the survey exploring the present-day status of Citrix performance management. Nearly 600 companies worldwide participated in the survey to provide valuable benchmarks and new insights into the challenges, technology choices, and best practices for Citrix performance management.

Some of the key take-away of the report are: Performance management is decisive in the success of Citrix deployments. 97 percent of participants regard performance management to be imperative for the expansion of their Citrix infrastructure. 86 percent of respondents consider performance as a key concern during migration of Citrix versions.

The report finds that numerous complaints were raised against Citrix, even when the issue was not related to Citrix. However, a majority of the time (65percent), performance problems are ‘not’ directly caused by the Citrix tiers.

Another key finding is that administrators spend a lot of time on performance problems. In over 60 percent of cases, respondents use up more than 30 percent of their time for fire-fighting and troubleshooting performance problems. The reason attributed for this is that Citrix performance management is still mostly manual.

Proactive alerting has been found to be most important for Citrix professionals. A majority of respondents (68 percent) are looking to make Citrix performance management proactive, so they get alerted and can fix issues before users notice. The study also finds that most IT admins don't benchmark their Citrix environment. Despite the interest in managing Citrix performance proactively, very few respondents have solid performance benchmarks of their Citrix infrastructure. 26 percent of respondents have never conducted any performance benchmark, while 18 percent conducted benchmarks only during migration.

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