Catchpoint's DEX Sonar will Augment Device Monitoring Capabilities!

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

The integration of mobile devices and SaaS applications has necessitated efficient monitoring by enterprise to ensure the productivity of employees.

FREMONT, CA: The proliferation of mobile data and the internet of things (IoT) in organizations has necessitated the need for efficient device monitoring to avert vulnerabilities at the endpoints. In this regard, Catchpoint, a provider of digital experience monitoring (DEM), recently launched DEX Sonar to empower the organization in effectively managing their digital devices.

The DEX Sonar offers a complete solution designed to provide real user, active, and device monitoring. It complements the current monitoring solutions of Catchpoint. It will enable the organizations to implement end-to-end visibility into the digital employee experience (DEX), especially when leveraging third-party SaaS applications.

It leverages browser extensions and background companion applications to obtain visibility of the employee device. It tracks the interaction of the employees with the SaaS or proprietary applications. Also, the real-time and historical data on the performance of the SaaS applications on global, local, and device levels can aid the organizations in mitigating and resolving the disruptions, thus streamlining productivity as well as morale among the employees.

As productivity and efficiency of the workforce are heavily dependent on the SaaS applications, and any disruptions in the process might lead to losses. To prevent this, the DEX platform will enable enterprises to manage their SaaS applications and prevent unfavorable incidents. It will also empower the organizations to streamline recovery and hold the platform providers accountable to the service level agreements (SLAs).

Catchpoint recently conducted a survey monkey poll of SaaS users, according to which, every SaaS user reported experiencing performance issues in the first year of implementation. Over 66 percent reported problems with critical applications, and almost 82 percent reported adverse effects due to such disruptions in their SaaS platforms. The poor performance of applications often negatively impacts the workspace culture. A good monitoring strategy can accelerate digital transformation, leading to higher productivity.

In the case of SaaS solutions, the code and infrastructure are managed by the service providers. As a result, organizations cannot integrate telemetry into the platforms to monitor the digital experience of the users. However, the incorporation of Sonar will enable the organization to implement telemetry at the browser level and monitor the performance of the SaaS applications.

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