Axsium Releases Cloud-based Work Measurement Software

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Axsium Group, a workforce management consulting practice, announces the release of Opus, a cloud-based work management platform. It delivers accurate and sustainable labor standards through store-specific labor models for retailers.

Retailers depend on a series of fragmented work measurement tools. One for building labor standards, another for evaluating them and several spread sheets in between them. Opus eliminates all this elements and provides an opportunity for retailers to truly understand how much labor is necessary by retail and by department.

Opus enables retailers to create what-if scenarios to analyze the impact of changes to labor model, validate labor standards and analyze their effectiveness. It provides benefits like predetermined motion-time systems, secure, reliable and cloud based solutions, easily imports labor standards and quickly determines how much labor is required for new promotions.

“We are excited about opus for years, retailers have been asking about the future of work measurement, and now it’s here. Whether you’ve worked with labor standards for decades or are new to the process, Opus provides a robust platform to develop or evolve the labor model. It’s easy to use and takes an innovative approach to managing the labor model.” says Paul Tucker, Managing Director, Axsium Group.

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