ALCiE Payroll Suite-Merging the Views in Core Business Process

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

MONTREAL, CN: ALCiE integrated solutions announced their new product- ALCiE Payroll Suite, a standalone application fully integrated with all ALCiE Editions. The product assists businesses in payroll management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and manages costs. It is made possible with cost-effective, dependable Oracle technology and scalable options in industrial sectors.

The ERP assists businesses to collect, store, manage and interpret data from a wide range of business activities, automating back-office functions parallel to technology, services, and human resources, providing an integrated view of core business processes.

Payroll solution ensures all employees are paid accurately within time, removes the complications related to escalating costs by calculating the total amount of money a particular company pays to the employees like salaries and wages, bonuses and withheld taxes.

“Running payroll on-premise enables the business to manage costs by maintaining control of payroll administration,” says Frank Zanfino, Director of Operations at AIS. “Using an external payroll service relinquishes control to the outsourced company and can result in increased, and sometimes escalating, costs. ALCIE offers a solution for those who seek to regain control.”

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