AI, The New HR Assistant

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in HRFREMONT, CA: Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have revolutionized the workplace efficiency, productivity, and output, especially in the field of human resources (HR). Almost 63 percent of the firms at present consider implementing AI for re-inventing the HR department. With nearly two-thirds of the companies ready to use AI, their significant uses can be listed as:

AI an assistant for HR professionals

AI is implemented to extend the capabilities of an HR professional. The tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming like company policies complying with regulations and processing of paperwork can be delegated to the AI solution. It will help increase the overall workplace efficiency and streamline business operations, which are more tedious.  

Reorganization of recruitment

Talent acquisition is arguably the cornerstone of HR, and the responsibility levied on the professional to find the perfect candidate for a position is very stressful. An HR professional has to rely on their observations, carefully screen the candidate’s portfolio, and filter the applications. Instead, AI can be utilized to collect, process, and assess all the information to pick out the optimal candidate suited for the job. The process saves time and cost--a 71 percent decrease in cost per hire is realized with the usage of AI.

Round-the-clock support by AI

The intelligent AI-powered chatbots offer support to new employees when questions need to be answered. These chatbots can handle routine-related inquiries speedily, through data-driven analytics, by pulling answers from infinite stores of company data.

Along with AI, ML technology underlying the chatbots encourages constant learning with every response and provides accurate answers the next time around.


HR departments can track the performance of all employees; the data metrics are analyzed by AI tools to provide HR managers with valuable and regulated insights. In turn, these insights are used to measure against performance objectives for employee to predict and report their progress and pinpoint any scope for improvement.

The value of utilizing Artificial Intelligence within HR will free professionals from tedious tasks to focus on critical aspects of their jobs without jeopardizing the superiority of the work.

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