"Declare", the Present Day Approach to Empower the Next Gen Female Leaders Launched Officially

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

As a leadership platform Declare will open the doors of infinite opportunities in front of the female leaders and quicken the initiatives to bring gender equality in the workforce.

Fremont, CA: Declare, a community-driven leadership platform, designed to up bring women leadership qualities have launched officially on 24 May 2019. This diverse community of women committed to transform the way women learn, work, and lead, is formed to change the face of leadership and was priorly operating as parity partners.

Parity Partners, a recruiting and education firm that actively sought to place women into leadership positions and train the next generation of women leaders, was founded by some professionals who recognized the adverse impact resulting from the scarcity of female and minority leadership in the investment industry. 

Declare is composed of two core components, Declare Lead and Declare Search.

Declare Lead emphasizes immersive leadership training programs and resources aimed at empowering women to take control of their career and help their companies close the gender gap. This feature also underlines the inevitability of women to share their knowledge, pool their power, and take charge of their careers. It is an executive recruitment firm that is exclusively focusing on placing great, diverse talent into high-impact roles at top companies.

As an empowering platform, declare equips its members with curated resources to help harness the power of women and advance in a professional manner. 

"Declare is committed to advancing female leaders and gender equality in the workforce," said Beth Haggerty, Co-founder, and CEO of Declare. "Since inception, we've built a unique community of successful women who, through networking and strong curriculum, will achieve greater career heights. Our firm envisions a society where diversity and inclusion are not agenda items for a corporation, but a part of the DNA of every organization."

Declare Search offers landmark diversity initiatives and aimed at positioning varied talent in crucial roles. It will also underpin the clients to foster successful teams with the help of its vast proprietary database comprised of the profiles of 15,000 diverse candidates.

As a firm focused on advocacy, awareness, and recruitment to close the gender and minority leadership gap in financial services, investing and technology companies, Declare strives to spread its roots in the international arena recognizing the relevance of the services it deals with.

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